At Northpoint LA, you will find a high-quality, academically rigorous, undergraduate program. We take great care in our course design, and our faculty are highly esteemed. Graduating from our institution will ensure you are fully prepared to excel in what lies beyond.


Among Northpoint’s academic programs, the Baccalaureate Degree is primary. This degree broadens student's educational experience and focuses 52 of the 128 required credit hours on Biblical and Theological studies. The program is designed to develop students for Christian service and prepare them for life-long learning.
Students enrolled in this program major in Biblical Studies and have a second major in Pastoral Ministry.

The Baccalaureate Degree fulfills the undergraduate requirement for like-education at the seminary level. Check out our program objectives and requirements here. 

What should I expect to pay?

Full-Time ($280/unit)

Fall: Tuition= $3,360 plus fees (for incoming Freshmen only) $4,200 plus fees (all others)

Spring: Tuition= $4200 plus fees

Yearly Total: $7,560 (for incoming Freshmen only) $8,400 plus fees (all others)