Graduate degree program

The graduate program is devoted to the centrality of Scripture, the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and a Pentecostal viewpoint in theology, ministry, and life. Leadership, church planting, church revitalization, and spiritual formation are key aspects of the program. Positive and encouraging interaction among peers and mentors creates an environment conducive to transformation, thus enabling the leaders to engage in effective Pentecostal ministry.

The curriculum for our Master’s degree focuses on three things:

  1. Strengthening the pulpit and teaching ministry of leaders.
  2. Utilizing models of ministry of growing churches and equipping leaders with tools for church revitalization.
  3. Providing opportunities for spiritual renewal and formation, development of a life and ministry worldview, and an understanding of oneself as being in the image of God.

WHat's the cost?

Our fee per credit hour is $340. For example, if you took a semester of 12 credits, the cost for tuition would be $4,080.