Associate Degree

Associate in arts Objectives

  • To enable the student to communicate a biblical worldview
  • To help the student communicate the gospel in a variety of settings
  • To equip the student to identify the personal needs of others so that he/she will be able to apply the Word of God to those needs in ministry situations, such as preaching, teaching, and witnessing
  • To teach and to train the student to apply himself/herself to spiritual disciplines, such as prayer, reading of Scripture, fasting, and other forms of discipline
  • To provide the student with an understanding of Pentecostal theology
  • To prepare the student to exemplify an understanding of biblical principles as they relate to the Christian life and experience
  • To teach the student to demonstrate a general understanding of the Bible and Christian doctrine
  • To help the student define his/her role within the church or parachurch context
  • To prepare the student, should he/she desire to pursue further academic training
  • To help the student become more socially aware of his/her responsibility and role within society and the Church


Course requirements

Click here to download a PDF of all the course requirements for the Associate in Arts Degree.